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Why MicroMenders?
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Why MicroMenders?

MicroMenders is one the oldest and largest Bay Area based managed service providers. We offer the time-tested IT analytic processes based on years of experience that you typically only find in service behemoths. Combine this with the speed, agility and personalized service. In MicroMenders, you’ll find a partner that knows what works and supports your business priorities with managed services you can rely on when you need it.

Mission & Culture
We invest in people, processes, and infrastructure to offer more support for less at every level. We
keenly focus on proactive support that helps head-off problems before they impact your business. In
every way, we strive to complement your in-house resources with the specialized expertise that you need to succeed. We were also founded with a deep commitment to the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Our Services
We can take your company from inception, design, and planning through to implementation, support, and
deployment. Once appropriate systems are in place, we sustain and support excellence by continuously
learning, innovating and working with our clients.

Company History
During our 25 years in the industry, MicroMenders has defined IT methodologies and best practices that effectively deliver advanced solutions and results without creating excessive overhead. The confidence inspired by our team, stems from the continued education and training they receive to not only understand--but contribute to-- our ever-growing IT industry. When we manage your company's office technology, we’re not just sending you one person, we’re sending in a team of resources backed by the company.

Global Reach
We’ll help you connect with the technology partners best suited to your particular environment. And, when we’re done, we’ll transfer vital knowledge and know-how from our technical experts to yours.

Awards & Recognition
Year after year, we are recognized as an all-around excellent firm in areas such as growth, leadership,
work environment, philanthropy, and more...

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