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Risk Management

Managing and minimizing risk is an ongoing process of identifying vulnerabilities and building systems that fortify your weak points. Effectively managing risks can mean the difference between averting or mitigating threats when they do occur and merely surviving them. The reward for effectively managing risk is knowing you’re prepared.

MicroMenders uses a holistic approach to identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they become problems using the following methodology:

A) We assess vulnerabilities and determining potential impacts.

B) We analyze the current Risk Management Strategy in the business and information environment. Then modify or create strategies as needed, including security framework development and/or addressing specific regulatory compliance.

C) Then employ risk mitigation strategies that are based on business needs and priorities that are either “top down”, including a department framework and policy creation, and/or “bottom-up”, including technical implementations and procedure development.

D) We then manage and coordinate information systems monitoring to quickly detect and identify intrusion, disasters, or other incidents and emergencies.

E) This is an iterative process with a goal of continuous improvement of mitigation techniques.

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