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Network Engineering

Chasing the Application
Infrastructure and applications continuously vie for the position of highest priority within your IT Operations and bandwdth capabilities.. External IT vendors fuel the ‘problem’ with continual improvements in hardware and software functionality.

It’s the never ending IT operational priorities race; applications lead for a while, providing new functionality for your customers and your business. Then Infrastructure must eventually catch up to provide a platform for greater Application performance. Just when you think you’ve struck a balance, applications move forward again,

At MicroMenders, we design Infrastructure that is reliable, available and serviceable. Infrastructure that can keep up with your applications needs longer.

Big Picture Engineering
When we design networks, we use our knowledge of emerging applications to design networks capable of meeting the demands of future applications. By partnering with pivotal industry leaders, we understand the resources your networks will need to maintain optimal performance as you integrate the new applications you’ll want to better service your customers and employees.

Look to MicroMenders for:
  • Network Design
  • WAN redesign
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Remote Access
  • Network Assessments
  • Office/data center moves/relocations/build-outs

san francisco IT Firm
san francisco IT Firm
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