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TIER5 Managed Mobile Devices

MicroMenders offers mobile device management with flexible, secure and scalable solutions. This allows your company to integrate and support your employees’ mobile devices in the same manner as your desktops and servers. By extending that management to mobile devices employees are now empowered to safely bring personal mobile devices into the enterprise while minimizing downtime and maximum productivity.

Support for the most popular mobile devices include:
iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

There are great cost savings by allowing your employees to use mobile devices in the workplace. Often the employees are leveraging their mobile device to extend the reach of their network applications and while producing notes, images and other useful data as part of their daily business practice. This alone reduces the expensive and time consuming VPN-connected laptop while conserving company resources. There is seemingly an endless amount of business-centric mobile applications available to help employees find answers, exchange information and make decisions faster and more effectively.

Areas that MicroMenders support include: Email configuration, GPS location tracking, inventory management, loss or theft control, backup and restore, and application management. According to a study of employed smartphone owners from analyst firm Forrester Research:

- 57 percent use that device to make work-related phone calls.
- 48 percent use it to check work e-mail.
- 42 percent use it to search the Internet or an intranet for work-related information.

The new smart phones are creating a more productive and happier workforce.

As a result, most companies are able to dramatically reduce their IT support costs while greatly enhancing user satisfaction. The Nielsen Company of New York estimates that as many as 150 million people in the U.S. will be using smartphones by mid-2011. Has your company begun to implement a new mobile management policy for your employees? Or is your IT staff and existing infrastructure hitting a tipping point because your employees are already adopting their own policies and procedures?

While some employers treat this continuous emergence of robust mobile devices as a threat, others are increasingly recognizing this as an opportunity. Workers are becoming more organized, productive and connected wherever they go. Companies not embracing this new paradigm shift in business run the risk of alienating current and potential employees.

MicroMenders TIER5 Mobile Management offers a plan for your employee’s mobile devices to securely remote lock and wipe capabilities. We will help establish a mandatory security policy for strong passwords. Our Mobile Management can separate your enterprise data from employees personal information, ensuring less of a security breach even if a device is lost or stolen. Studies find that IT costs for both engineering and support have been substantially reduced for companies and their end users while increased productivity has created a win-win for both your employees and business.

Contact us today to begin the process of assessing your company's IT infrastructure and your mobile strategy.

san francisco IT Firm
san francisco IT Firm
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