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Infrastructure Solutions

The key to successful network management is having the right network to manage.

MicroMenders can provide validation of current IT systems and operations, assistance with upgrades and migrations of existing technology, and implementation/integration of new systems or functionality.

We can help you create a network environment that is easy to manage and ready to scale up as your business grows.

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Systems Assessments

When tasked with managing day-to-day operations it’s difficult for IT Managers to keep up with changes outside the IT Operations team much less outside the business. For this reason, we like to start our relationship with new clients by performing a complete IT systems assessment.

By determining how ‘up-to-date’ your system is with emerging technologies and the current needs of your business, we can discern your current operational pattern. Once we understand your established operational pattern, we’ll help you make it easy to address daily business challenges and incorporate new technologies with the same people, and the same procedures, in a consistent way.

Operational patterns, combined with technological change create potential blind spots for your team. System vulnerabilities often develop over time from incremental changes with interdependent systems. MicroMenders offers fresh eyes that will look at your infrastructure from a third-party perspective. We apply consistent assessment methodology from the bottom up to identify the blind spots before they create problems.

Depending on the size and complexity of your network, a systems assessment from an outside perspective makes sense. We can validate the integrity of your systems, assess the scalability and manageability, or confirm the operational condition prior to expensive system upgrades or new technology integration.

Build your infrastructure for the future

At MicroMenders we recognize that the challenge of building your IT infrastructure is not building it to meet your current demands, but building it to meet the future IT needs your business will demand as it grows. Using our expertise, established project methodology, and our knowledge of available and emerging technologies, we build your infrastructure to withstand your business needs now and into the future.