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MicroMenders TIER5 - Green Data Centers

MicroMenders is leading the way in helping businesses achieve greater ecofriendly business practices in the information technology environment. Since 2007 this movement has grown and blossomed; MicroMenders best practices and benchmark standards optimizes your company’s network performance while increasing it’s IT efficiency. Setting this new baseline to gauge progress, MicroMenders monitors for performance to determine the net savings ROI for your IT budget.

  • Going Digital – less hard copies and more digitized files. Using electronic copies of files and creating a better database rather than creating more paper and using more file cabinets.

  • Upgrading systems – removing old less efficient equipment and working with newer, more efficient technologies. Monitoring server usage patterns and load consumption while streamlining your power consuming data center needs.

  • Recycling old equipment and donating the older machinery; assessing the needs and expected median of peak and low usage patterns.

  • Working with MM employees to create an ecofriendly work environment in and outside the office.

  • Finding a happy medium for your data center's power supply, heating and cooling systems.

  • Calculating energy costs and saving, consolidating multiple datacenters and using low-cost centers or switching to virtualization and cloud computing. Allowing for bandwidth, processing power and storage to handle peak network traffic.

  • Overhauling print procedures, reducing the amount of toxic ink while decreasing the amount of paper used by printing on both sides or not printing at all.

  • Increasing the amount of plants and trees around the office and building exterior to offset the carbon footprint that businesses and people can leave behind.

  • Embracing energy efficient technologies and efficient use of priority usage analysis while contributing to the environment and saving money at the same time. Strategically creating a eighteen month and three year plan for company growth and sustainability.

  • Coordinating and cooperating with different departments and offices to alleviate incurring costs involved with rapid deployment and provisioning of new servers.

    Going towards a green datacenter needs to be planned and optimized. MicroMenders is a crucial part of this ecofriendly movement by implementing each of these initiatives. Our expertise is in helping businesses streamline their energy usage while reducing its impact on the planet; a win-win for everyone.


san francisco IT Firm
san francisco IT Firm
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