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TIER5 Managed Cloud Computing

Cloud computing optimizes your company's IT budget and office resources.

Cloud computing utilizes offsite hardware and software data centers while remotely incorporating enterprise efficiency to meet your growing company’s IT needs. MicroMenders expert team of IT professionals bring into focus your company’s requirements with sustainable and scalable solutions in an ever evolving office technology environment. This reduces your company’s downtime, network issues, operating costs and capital expenses.

Nowadays, managing servers, networks, and storage is an everyday need for most offices. Capital investments are expensive, even when buying the minimal requirements for your business. Companies like Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, HP and IBM all offer outstanding products to deliver dynamic workload flexibility, enable automated deployment, and support large or small offices. MicroMenders TIER5 cloud based management helps your company create sustainable, manageable, and under budget results for your internet infrastructure. Cloud technology automates and standardizes this by creating uniformity and cost containment; and that’s where the cloud’s silver lining just begins.

This type of cloud computing and desktop virtualization brings major advantages in another area of your business: environmentally friendly IT.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provides businesses with compact, energy-efficient computer servers that facilitate simplified IT management. Minimizing data center space and budget requirements for IT investments are at the heart of cloud computing. By using a reduced number of energy-efficient servers, it evens out the corporate playing field where cost cutting meets up with competitive advantage for your office’s IT budget.

Here are the benefits to remember about MicroMenders TIER5 cloud based technology management.

Most cloud infrastructures are a pay as your go fee-based model. This creates an efficient data center that doesn’t necessarily come from buying and installing expensive, proprietary, and vertically integrated software. A second benefit comes from optimizing your existing data center infrastructure, with the goal of achieving cost cutting and uniformity that streamlines operations. Last, by simplifying your network infrastructure, resources are consolidated, servers are repurposed, and an environment of best practices boosts productivity with the automation of virtualization and cloud based technologies.

Here are the points you should remember when considering Cloud computing for your business.

- Do initial capital investments out weigh the short-term benefits for hardware and software?

- Is your company under federal compliance of storing data onsite and/or proprietary guidelines?

- Do you run many data driven applications that function better closer to the office rather than offsite?

san francisco IT Firm
san francisco IT Firm
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